About Jos-hann Jackfruits

Jackfruit, Thai Bananas and Plantains Grown on Our Family-run Farm

We are a family-run business growing Jackfruit, Thai Banana, Donkey Banana, and dehydrated Jackfruit. We export fruit mainly to the United States, Canada, and Europe. Call us today for more information.

Stepping onto our grounds, you’ll find yourself immersed in the rhythm of agricultural life. From dawn till dusk, our dedicated family members tend to the orchards, meticulously pruning, watering, and harvesting the fruits of our labor. Each tree is tended to with a personal touch, ensuring optimal growth and the highest quality produce.

Direct From Our Farm

Farm-Grown Fruits is Our Family Business

The fruit is grown on our lands with all possible care to harvest and send products of the best quality, always thinking about the good of our customers; We have been making the best of our crops for years to improve and deliver quality year after year and our customers are satisfied with our products.

We are a 100% reliable family business

Shipped to Your Door

We Ship Our Fruits to Your Door

Hello, once customers place their fruit order, we send the ordered quantity by land, whether in the USA or Canada, to Europe, the product is sent by air.

The maximum capacity of the trucks is 20 to 22 tons, approximately 44 thousand pounds.

The fruit is shipped washed, disinfected, packaged and refrigerated at a temperature of 45*F